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There are many times we have heard success stories of various bodybuilding and fitness champion, that they have designed their pre workout meal plan which involved selected animal and plant based protein sources such as lean beef, chicken breast, greek yogurt, raspberries and among others. And I’m not going to tell you to eat this or that but to eat right thing that can deliver the right nutrition before workout.

If you will go through majority of the carbs and protein based foods mentioned by top magazines and personalities, then for sure you will find surprisingly overwhelming and confusing, because in this big diversified world majority of people won’t find accessible to mentioned foods may be due to many reasons such as different geography, different preferences and financial constraint.

Understanding Macros

Actually we as human usually consumes chemical compounds in large quantities which forms most of the energy and calories part of the nutrition. There are three primary macro nutrients that human consumes from daily balanced diet plan are – carbohydrates(carbs), protein and fats. And these got extensively used in physical and bodybuilding training and all macros are should be distributed evenly in proper ratios, which can be counted in calories.

For example, a balanced diet consists of carbs, protein and fats in ratio of 2:2:1 calories, with different absorption rate and health benefits.

As we are talking about pre workout nutrition, where carbs play major role in providing energy rather than protein and fats due to fast absorption rate of glucose. It yields around 3.8 calories of energy per gram from simple carbs and 3.5 to 4.2 calories per gram from complex carbohydrates.

Simple vs Complex carbs

Simple carbActually the nature of carbs are determined by how much quickly or at what pace, it gets digest and absorb in the blood stream of human body. The carbs which get quickly digest or absorbed into bloodstream and spike blood sugar level is called simple carbs such as fructose or carbs found in sugar based processed food or drinks. Although simple carbs are recommended before workout due to having potential to get absorbed into blood stream and provide energy in short time.

And vice versa in case of complex carbs, it gets digest slowly because these are made up of sugar molecules that are strung together in long chain. Foods such as corn, wheat, various vegetables are considered as complex carbs and often supplies energy, starch and other nutrients.

As you got familiar now that simple carbs before workout are the best choice as they will get absorbed in blood quickly and provide energy and complex carbs post workout are the best bet for daily training routine.

Note: As even some simple carbs raise blood sugar level slowly and some processed complex carbs raise blood sugar quickly. So, it need to have proper and right knowledge about what exact foods to eat before and after workout.

So, I will walk you through different foods to eat as per you’re training routine in different part of the day.

Design your meal as per timing of your workout

1. For morning workout routine

It need to understand that our body is in dire need of nutrition when you wake up in the morning and if your goal is to lose fat from body as fast as possible, then you should avoid eating foods much before workout because your body will tap calories from your fat stores and will be much easy and fast to burn fat for you.

If you are regular to workout or exercise routine, then you should consider good food choices in form of snacking options such as banana, low fat milk shake, oat meals, black coffee and among others before 30 minutes to 1 hour of workout.

And if you want to workout after breakfast, then make sure that you should eat it one to two hours before workout and you can make good choices such as scrambled egg or omelette, peanut butter sandwich, low fat milk, or regular oats.

2. For afternoon workout routine

Grilled chicken saladDuring afternoon, your body temperature tend to have risen from one to more, and make it warmer than in the morning. It ultimately will result in improving muscle performance, alertness and less risk of injury. And good pre or post workout lunch option should be combination of carbs and proteins such as chicken breast, turkey, nuts, seeds, green vegetables.

3. For evening and night workout routine

It is time when your body starts to drop its temperature and feels dire to feed it with carbs and proteins after afternoon lunch. If you want to workout during evening, then you should have good snacking option before half or one hour before workout such as peanut butter sandwich, or any cabs based fruits such as banana, orange, watermelon.

And If you want to love workout in night, then it is not recommended to workout after dinner or close after dinner. You can try snacking options before workout and you should choose dinner balanced of good carbs, protein and fat based diet after workout and ultimate for you to keep your muscles feeding and satiety level on control throughout the night !! Good and balanced dinner can include food such as chicken breast and rice, vegetables, salads and healthy fat options.

Debunking beverages and drinks

Actually, apart from only foods there are also vital fluids you have to take for energy, flush toxins, absorption, hydration and among others. And you may be wondering why I’m explaining this point here and I could mention beverages along with foods but there is a reason behind it to make it separate. I want you to have clear understanding of importance of fluids in nutrition before and during workouts, and what is best for you!!

Best fluid to takeEnergy drink vs water

It’s been controversial from long time about consuming calories from energy based drinks. As you got familiar that human body needs fuel and energy before working out with the best intensity, and most favorable choice among majority of the people have been fluid based drinks due to easy availability and common myths.

“Actually a popular and branded energy based drink can contain up to 200 calories in 500 ml of drink and enough to cancel your couple of miles of run”

You can see that, having energy based drink before workout won’t be any great idea because rather than providing optimal amount of energy, it provides many calories which just get absorbed quickly.

That’s why, there is nothing better than water,which is calorie free drink and enough to provide you energy and oxygen to support maximize performance along with good pre workout food.

Pre workout Supplementation

Here it goes, the one of the most favorite and adopted routine adopted by fitness enthusiasts nowadays and that is pre workout supplementation. Actually the thing supplement have been overrated by major of the folks. It need to understand that supplement is something which complete the requirement of incomplete nutrition in terms of recovering energy, strength, and supporting primary nutrition to build muscles and lose fat.

As far as it is concerned about pre workout nutrition, supplementation is need not mandatory because there are ample of good and best foods available to provide sufficient energy before workouts. It can be concluded that pre workout supplementation is not need of the hour until and unless you reach pro level !!
There are many glittering and branded pre workout supplements are available in the market which boasts of high in different ingredients like caffeine, glutamine, creatine and among others. And hard to find any supplement that can pass your understanding and occurs from natural sources, so you don’t know what exactly secret it contain !!

I would have recommendation that, always stay on safe and healthy side by opting natural food sources only such as fruits, vegetables, water, moderate caffeine and animal sources such as dairy, poultry and others. And you will find it more than enough to prepare you before your workouts and maximize your performance during training session !!

Concern is not what to eat but how to eat before workout !!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and ready to debunk the common myths and just ready to roll over opting the best pre workout nutrition routine !!

Unleash your new version


Welcome and I appreciate that you finally decided to take decision to make your daily routine with full of intense and quick with smart HIIT workouts. It’s where you will define yourself in short as seconds to 30 minutes of interval with short bursts of quick and intense based training regime.

Actually It’s another version of basic training routine where you have to upgrade intensity and interval, by making short and quick but smartly.

And there are few major precautions and habits you have to implement and follow on regular basis to perform it effectively and efficiently.

Know your physique

Male physique, which is considered muscular as comparison to women body due to presence of 10 times more testosterone in their body. And for sure no one of everyone has the same body structure, and needs to know your body before. It is generally broader at shoulders and narrower at waist, and is more ideal and pleasing.

Know your body

And on other hand, female counterparts having big hip to shoulder ratio due to presence of estrogen and not likely to develop noticeable muscles but for sure can develop strength, endurance and fitness at new level. Everyone possesses different types of body due to many reasons such as genetic, sex hormones, body mass index, metabolism and many others.

Whether you are slim or overweight individual, Hiit will work wonder for you in terms of fast weight loss, fat loss, increase metabolism and other major fitness benefits. So, you needs to know that how much body fat percentage you have, how many calories you needs to cut out, and which workout will bring out best results out of you .

So, I will walk you through some must know daily habits and precautions to implement before and during training session, whether you are in starting phase of training career or you are retired individual who want to stay fit and enjoy physical training as daily hobby.

It Should look Like this Exactly

1. Intake of fluid

When we think about fluids before workout, most of the times it makes us think of sugary and calorie free based drinks marketed by various fitness companies. But the truth is that, there is nothing better than water that you can reap most of the benefits before workout. Why?

Water is 100 percent calorie free fluid which is not only essential for life but also provide major benefits such as increasing energy, flushes toxins, boost immune system and skin complexity and prevents cramps and sprains. So, your primary choice before workout should be water only, not any sports or energy drinks.

2. Stretch routine

Most of the people like to dive into workout session without getting involved into stretch routine or stretch based exercises. Why? because it simply got underestimated by people out there as useless or waste of time. But I would like to tell you that it has major benefits you can reap out during workout session. It not only can help you to enhance your performance and intensity but also prevent you from injuries, improves your range of motion, flexibility and make your warm up session most productive. So, it is best to start your training session with couple of stretch exercises.

Key to building intensity

3. Warm up

Most common and familiar term among fitness enthusiast and lovers, which is overly rated by major of the folks in terms of followed by stretching routine. This routine is like that you should not implement it too less or too much before primary training session. Why? because too less intensity will lead to incomplete preparation of muscles and too much will lead to consume much of your strength and energy. If it can be done in optimal or moderate way, then it has many benefits to offer such as good circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscles, and prepare your cardiovascular system to handle increase heart rate and ultimately make your body best prepare for primary training session.

4. Build your intensity steadily

Why I’m using this term here rather than quick intensity? because it’s should not like that after warm up session, you would start to lift heavy weights or high intensity with volume of reps and sets. Actually truth is that your next success of set is determined by the level of your previous set. Our body is programmed to prepare for previous resistance as it don’t know about next and new intensity, so it would response in new way to your higher weights or intensity. So It is always best to increase your intensity steadily starting from low weights and low intensity and gradually moving towards higher weights and high intensity. And with this way, you will be able to hang up with session long and more productive!!

5. Don’t afraid to take rest

Even the bodybuilding and fitness champion has been following and respected this routine on regular basis. You should not look back to take adequate rest or pause between sets of workout or exercises, as It is essential for success in any sports or physical based routine or training sessions. Because for sure, it needs to replenish your energy and strength to take into new and harder challenge along with mental well-being. It also needs to prepare yourself mentally before another crushing level because the more right way you listen your body, the better you will be able to recover yourself and perform better than previous session !!

If you can follow all these routines on regular basis before and during your HIIT and any other physical training session, you won’t need any expert advice or any other glittering product or services. And you will be just all set to enjoy your own built intensity and new level of fitness with real results!!

Is it right for you?

It has always been been misconception that what group of people would be likely to enjoy and get benefits from such intensity based training. I would tell you truth that whether you are young kid who is studying in school, or homemaker who use to be busy in everyday home chores or busy working professional or old or retired individual, anyone who want to stay fit or having fitness goals in his or her life, will be getting amazing results. With proper guidance, proper training and nutrition routine, you will be able to implement training session in your everyday busy life. It’s true that everyone has different body physiology, metabolism and different capacity to take on short and intense bursts of exercises followed by active or less recovery period.

So, follow the proper pre workout or hiit routine, build your intensity gradually, don’t afraid to take rest and ready to enjoy fitness at another level and fall in love with your body like never before !!

Click here to get your 2 week diet program and hip flexors program, so that you would be able to follow your HIIT routine as fast as possible !!

Shake, shake, shake

I’m not resembling this sound to move your booty or get in to dance steps. But making you familiar with picture of most people in gym or fitness studios, nowadays.

Because they focus themselves into shaking supplement based shaker more and less in workout, in each and every set!!

Its been decades that we have been taught us by our misconception that meal plan after workout or post workout meal has been most important phase of daily routine training regime. That why it been always nutrition before workout has been underestimated over the years and years. But It been while now that people getting awareness about pre workout nutrition, and most of the people grappling into pre workout supplements to make themselves ready before dive into any physical training.

Its Been Underestimated

I’m not telling you to go and buy loads of pre workout supplements from leading brands or to have properly designed meal plan from bodybuilding or fitness champion (which been always purpose to monetize people). But to develop awareness and importance of pre workout nutrition in daily routine, its important to have proper and right knowledge about it.

Until and unless you can’t unleash the truth behind pre workout nutrition, there is no reason you can feel motivate about it and won’t be able to achieve your most sought after fitness goals. Because the better you can feed your muscles before workout, the better you can perform during workouts along with your secret ATP energy system. So I will walk you through bit by bit information about importance of pre workout nutrition from the time you close your eyes in night!!

It Starts When you Close your eyes

Our body is a very complex and incredible system consists of various processes involving nutrition absorption and break down of existing stores to feed the muscles among few. And it starts intensively when you close your eyes during sleep and during your whole sleeping phases, your body experience through anabolic and catabolic game.

Include balance diet in your routine

It starts from absorption of different nutrition involving protein synthesis which not only support functioning of body but also provide energy and fuel to building blocks of body as well. And It’s purely decided on basis of how much your body need and what is your activity level, are you sedentary or very active fitness athlete.

The more is your activity level, the more nutrition you need and more protein synthesis will happen followed by anabolic process. And it would be followed by natural functioning of body in terms of break down of fuel reserves, as when there will be no longer food available in GI tract for being absorbed.

That why, It really recommended having proper diet before sleep involving balanced of protein, carbs and fatty acids, so that you will experience steady and constant absorption of nutrition by all over the body as per requirement. And till morning or end of the sleeping stage, your body will be most probably reach catabolic phase, where your body starts break down your fuel stores and use your muscles to get fuel to provide energy and that’s the critical time or phase, where your body is in dire need of pre workout nutrition. And It not only important to keep your body at optimal energy level, but also to feed your muscles to boost your energy level before workout and start your day with high note!!

Routine to Kick Out the Day

Actually, there are some measures or routine you have to follow before developing pre workout training regime. And I will walk you through some simple and most important meal and nutrition habit you can implement in your daily fitness routine, so that you would have never thought hours before going gym.

1. Prepare yourself a step ahead

Its common practice in most of the gym or any of the fitness studio, to observe that most of the guys having shaker bottle shaking pre and post workout supplement drink around there. There is no brainer whether they are having pre workout or post workout nutrition(lol). It’s not like that you will be getting instant energy by gulping down pre workout drinks or your muscles will start recovering instantly after taking post workout supplements and nor it will happen ever!!

And I don’t want you to be like this, actually the fact is that, the major of your today’s energy reserves determined by your last day eating routine not of today only!!

That why I want you to prepare your meal plan in terms of balanced carbs, protein, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals spread throughout the day.

2. Intake of slow releasing protein

It’s really excellent to add intake of slow releasing protein based diet before going to the bed. For instance, Casein is slow releasing protein which has been widely found in cow’s milk and recognized for having great amino acid profile and keep releasing protein for steady and slow absorption throughout the sleeping stage. It is really great for people who are athletes and fitness enthusiasts or anyone who has regular weight training or strength training routine. So, ultimately it supports in feeding muscles throughout the sleeping and prevent catabolic phase of muscles.

3. Start your early day with detoxify

I’m not gonna tell you here that you have to go through any detoxification therapy or to prepare special detoxify drink. But to aid your digestion process, blood circulation process, increase your metabolic rate and to flush out toxins out of your body, you have to develop a regular habit of drinking warm water as first thing in the morning or after sleeping.

It may be sound weird but our body has been designed on the basis of optimal level of heat which can match with warm water only and it has major health benefits such as promoting fat loss, metabolism and protecting from different body illness.

4. Pre workout foods

Now it’s time to start real game, which will make you fully prepare before gym or workout and that is selecting your right pre workout food. Although as concept, there should be intake of simple carbohydrates from healthy sources like banana, smoothies, yogurt, rice and among others before 30 minutes and more or you can have full pre workout meal as well like chicken, rice, vegetables, omelette before 1-2 hours of workout, for optimal workout performance. And it will continue to provide fuel to your muscles during workout and help you to reach maximum possible intensity.

Deciding over Food or Supplement

Although it would be greater confusion for many people to take decision, whether to take pre workout supplements or not, or whole and basic food is sufficient to fill your energy reserves before workout.

Even though I’m not fan of pre workout supplements, as there are many glittering products are available in the market. I believe the most important thing is to stick to the natural sources of pre workout foods rather than supplement powders. Our body has been designed to digest and process natural source of foods only, and you should have strict healthy eating habit to support your muscle growth and filling up energy reserves.

I personally believe that pre workout supplements are just another way to monetize health and fitness industry because when you have many healthy eating sources, so why need to go for pre workout supplements which boasts of specific nutrients in abundant form. I’m not criticizing the pre workout supplement but it really not feeling the need of an hour before the workout. Because for sure the same nutrition you are getting from natural and safe sources at fair price, the same thing you are getting from such supplements at unsafe and higher price level. And I do believe you should at least know how to prepare and design your meal plan consisting of well-balanced nutrition, whether you are fit individual or want to lose weight or build muscles, it would be way more powerful and effective to help you get your most sought after fitness goals. And last and not least, you will never have to think about how to eat before gym.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about few truth behind training and nutrition before workout.And If you have any questions and comments, please let me know them below. Meanwhile you can learn how to develop your own meal plan for any type of fitness lifestyle. Click here to get your 2 week diet program, which you can follow with your daily eating schedule from right now for lifetime!!

Intensity is Key

Make your body fall in love with fitness

Being dedicated and intense, are things which have been taught us by fitness gurus and bodybuilding champion since the inception of physical or bodybuilding training era. But these words are short in themselves and very broad and complex in practical life. Nobody wants to race in so speed that may cause prone to risks or any hurdles and become reason to stop in their way.
Actually it is only secret of life to get ahead and to carve best out of yourself.

Why Intensity is Most Successful

Because for sure If you will walk together you will find common destination but if you wants to be someone in top and superior, then welcome in world of being intense .
I know intense is scary for many people, and people see as big hindrances or useless term in their in life because It is always difficult to come out of comfort zone and challenge yourself to test your limits and set new limits for yourself.
And it is only big secret that can make anything goal of your life successful is being intense with right approach and right direction.

And for sure, in this fast moving world there is not dedicated time to make available for quality fitness in lifestyle and not everyone is multi talented and hell hard worker like bodybuilding or fitness champion. But everyone do have time that he or she can make available in 24 hours a day and I want you to spare only little as 30 minutes of time daily, that why I wants to introduce you one of the smart and effective training approach, which is called high intense interval training(HIIT).

Whether you belong to any segment, whether it is young or old, whether it is homemaker or professional, or earning living in any kind of space in life will be getting benefit in different ways.
I don’t mean controlled here to stick around moderate or comfort level of training on same level of intensity but it is presumed that you have been through basics of training already very well with right and controlled movements.

Even you have not been through basics and fundamentals of training which is most important to help you jump into high intensity training with shorter duration. And It can be implement in different phases whether to make it part of training routine, or primary training routine with shorts bursts of 30 minutes!! You will be just all ready to set your own limits.

Understanding HIIT

One of the best HIIT

Hiit is form of cardiovascular training, involving alternating with short periods of intense physical workout or exercise to promote strength, speed, power and health benefits. It uses muscle energy systems with high intensity exercises leading towards greater performance in short duration and high intense activities, which lasts merely from seconds to up to 2 minutes only.
It is based on anaerobic exercises like sprinting, cycling, rowing, high volume training or any high intensity cardio based training, performed in excess of 90 percent of maximum heart rate. And it results in ultimately breakdown of glucose in form of lactic acid and using high energy systems such as high energy phosphates through muscle cells for physical workouts which last up to thirty seconds.!!

Must Routine to Develop

Before get engaged into HIIT type of training, you should know very well about developing some good habit for pre and post workout meal along with controlled movements. I will walk you through bit by bit break up of must steps need to follow before HIIT.

1. Pre workout meal

Yes, you have heard right that like all physical exercises, hiit also require fuel in form of must nutrition before workout or pre workout. It should be balanced of carbohydrates and protein giving you energy for your workout and replenishing your muscles with essential nutrients.

Because HIIT involves one of the fastest breakdown of glucose molecules and using ATP energy systems in the fastest rate from muscle cells, so pre workout meal is critical to successful for implementation of HIIT workout routine.

2. Developing motivation next level

In current generation people love to be safe and don’t wants to jump out of comfort zone, that significantly limit their potential to indulge themselves into new things.

I wants to ask you a question-
Why should you risk your joints and flexors in order to do HIIT workouts?

Because in order to transform new of yourself, you should be capable of challenge yourself and that require motivation at next level, where you won’t worry about consequences but plan about how to improve your current fitness level. Don’t think much, but JUST DO IT!!

Break throughout your shell

3. Good cardiovascular fitness

For sure, I don’t want any obese individual or any newbie to jump into such high intensity training where you have to perform bursts of workout which can reach 90 percent of heart rate or VO2 max. Because it is adaptation process where your cardio health need to be at good level of blood vessel function which should have been improved bit by bit with continuous experience of cardio or resistance training.
So, I would like to recommend, you should have at least good experience or know how, how to perform basic workouts with controlled movements.

4. Listen your body

It is very important to know your body, whether you are obese individual, whether you are newbie or old aged or fit individual who performs different activities such as continuous cycling, quick sprinting or running primarily or alternated with moderate exercise. It is really important to know your current level of fitness, so that you will have an idea that how many calories you need to intake and burn, which exercise workout best for you, how much intensity and duration of workout you can continue to keep up. And how much recovery period you need followed by brief intensity exercise until exhausted.

So, it would really differ among different individual on the basis of their fitness goals, and fitness level.

5. Ready to break your own limit

If you wants to perform workouts on daily basis on moderate level, then you are defeating the main purpose of HIIT training. Actually the most exciting part of HIIT is that you will be able to challenge yourself with different short bursts of workouts with high intensity and less or no rest periods.
The session generally consists of warm up session, then several repetitions of high intensity exercise alternated with moderate based exercise and rest period.

You will be able to improve your cardiovascular health or health rate, metabolism, VO2 max level, and over all functioning of body movements along with numerous major fitness improvement. And last or not least you will be able to track or measure your fitness with quantifying self-improvement, self motivation by comparing with people of same gender and age and for sure tracking your every day progress.
And yes, you will be setting new fitness level each and every day with the fastest pace.

Different HIIT workouts

Now, its time to kick out some action and I will walk you through different HIIT training workout, that you can implement in your daily workout routine whether isolating it under 30 minutes ( best for busy individuals) ,or whether you wants to combine or alternate with existing or new training program.

1. Jumping and squats

We all know that jumping sounds so common and simple but do you know it engages heart rate at one of the fastest rate. And even moderate jumping can burn up to 14-20 calories per minute. And combining with one of the staple resistance training called squats can increase your vo2 level by almost max will results in improving your cardio, strength and endurance fitness.

Just start your session with light jumping for 3-4 minutes followed by more intense jumping alternating with free body squats. Count as 1 rep when you complete one jump followed by free squat and continue same for 10 reps for 3-5 sets with rest period of up to 30 seconds between each set. And you will feel your heart rate flying!!

2. Jumping and push ups

Pushups are one of the basic and best exercise ever which starts from prone position and test your endurance and strength both. And alternating with jumping it will be your one of the best cardio scorcher with intensity which not only improve your pectoral muscles but also improve your cardio fitness level.

Just start your session with moderate jumping for 3-4 minutes followed by intensive jumping and push ups. Count as 1 rep when you complete jumping and coming back for push up and complete it and continue for 10 reps for 3-5 sets with rest period of up to 30 seconds between each set (as per your body demands).

Intensity is key

3. Sprinting and lunges

Generally lunges involves one leg need to positioned with bent knee and foot on the floor. So you have to mix up with some movements like sprinting for 100 meters followed by 10 lunges which count as one set for 3-5 minutes with rest period of up to 30 seconds between each set.

It will build your cardio fitness ultimately along with hip and leg muscles mobility improvement and you can do it anywhere at outdoor places.

4. Sprinting and mountain climbers

This would be ultimate workout to target your core muscles, hip and leg muscles along with cardio fitness level. You will feel good burn around your core, as it target direct your lower belly fat and ultimately multiplies the process of fat loss from targeted areas.

Start your session with mountain climbers of alternate movements for 30 seconds and followed by 100 meters sprint, which count as 1 set and complete it for 3-5 sets with rest periods of up to 30 seconds only between each set.

5. Sit ups and jumping

It will be very challenging for you to perform both movements with and oppose to gravity at same time. And It will require good core strength with strong hip and butt mobility and leg muscles exerting force strongly.

Start your session with light jump for 3-4 minutes followed by sit ups on the floor by using only hip and butt mobility. Complete 1 rep by performing single sit up and then jumping at same time with controlled leg movements by isolating core and butt muscles, to complete 10-15 reps to make 1 set and up to 3-5 sets with no rest period. It will not only improve your heart rate at max level but also your core endurance and strength at faster pace.

HIIT is Best

I hope you find my customized hiit training routine interesting and useful to add in your daily routine training lifestyle. Whether you are obese individual wants to burn fat at fast rate or newbie wants to develop fitness routine or fit individual who wants to improve current fitness level, anyone will be benefit from these workouts.

Whether you have dedicated time for resistance training, who wants to add these high intensity workouts in your daily routine or busy working professional who can spare as little as 30 minutes only for training, can add these HIIT workouts easily and effectively either 2-3 times per week or along primary training program.

And for sure you can try new things you feel best for you, and will get benefits in form of to improve your current fitness level by setting new records each time by losing fat, building lean body, improving strength and endurance and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and brain functioning at fastest rate!!!

And you will need to unlocked your hip flexors and good core strength to perform HIIT workouts at best way. Read here on how to unlock your hip flexors and make yourself ready to drive into HIIT training workout routines.

If you need any help or you have any comments, let me know them below.

With more than 90 percent people failing to breathe clean and fresh air in almost every nation, It becomes challenging to breathe fresh air in indoor places as well.

As per recent research, it has been concluded that indoor air quality is up to 5 times more polluted than air outdoors. Being as major consumption of air every day, we breathe around 11,000 liters of air every day. And as busy individual or homemaker, almost everyone exposes to indoor air common pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet hair, and animal dander along with other major and harmful substances such as smoke, PM2.5, formaldehyde, and VOCs and others.

With increase in industrialization, human activities have been always major contributor towards pollutants in atmosphere and resultant in increase in mortality all over the world due to many respiratory diseases and infections such as lung cancer, asthma, skin problems and others. And our primary focus and idea towards curbing indoor air pollution should be developing and implementing daily habits towards healthier and clean environment such as keeping surrounding clean, avoid littering, using clean energy sources such as CNG, LPG, and promoting planting indoor plants among others.

But, technology has answer.

Technology can Rescue You

It’s always like been technology has answered for this, and it is for real that technology become advanced enough to provide you clean and fresh air in indoors. With pollutants such as PM2.5, harmful gases, microbes, allergens and others getting evolved every day, it becomes very challenging to get rid of this in metro cities and It can affect any metro cities from superpower nation city new York to most polluted city in world, national capital Delhi.

So, The only solution is to incorporate technology in everyday lifestyle in form of air purifier, is kind of device, which removes pollutants or contaminants from the air from indoor places and change the way how to breath fresh air. It’s first picture has been commonly promoted as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and reducing secondary pollutants, which used to be affixed to an air handler unit or HVAC found in medical, industrial and commercial industries.

With major concerns such as hazardous gaseous by-products, noise level, frequency of filter replacement, electrical consumption, visual appeal and ozone production, the air purifiers been through major criticisms throughout the passage of time. But with advancement in technology, air purifiers has been evolved from not so appealing product to must by product in current generation.

And Buying an air purifier can be tricky and bit difficult due to different overwhelming technologies available in marketplace. So, I will walk you through bit by bit section of information which will be your best guide to buying air purifier from few of the top and trusted brands.

Technologies You should consider

1.Pre- filter
Pre filter is an additional filter to arrest or collect coarse or visible type of pollutants such as human hair, pet hair, large particles and dust. First air passes through this filter and all large particles get removed before air entering into HEPA filter, to relieve large particles burden from it. And hence, it increases the longevity or life span of HEPA filters.

2.HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant)
A true HEPA means it is meeting the HEPA standard that can have many applications in medical, automobiles, home and others. And It should remove 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.02 microns. And your air purifier should come definitely with True HEPA filter which can arrest very fine particles effectively and prevent entering into your respiratory tracks. It is really beneficial for any people who is suffering from asthma and other allergies and residing in construction areas.

3. Activated Carbon Filters
It is a method of filtering that uses activated carbon to remove contaminants, and impurities using chemical adsorption. It works with process called adsorption, where pollutant get treated and trapped inside pore structure of carbon substrate. These are most effective in removing harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene and TOVCs(Total volatile organic compounds) and eliminate bad odors and produce fresh smelling air. It is recommended for people with pets at home and also factory areas that have issues odd smell.

4.Air ionizers
This type of air purifier works on ionization process, which produces negatively charged particles which attract allergens and other airborne particles which are positively charged. The newly formed particles fall harmlessly to the ground and out of air we breathe. This type of purifier has been received criticism, which add negative charge and uses electric discharge method which gives off ozone as by-product, which can cause lung irritation and respiratory diseases. But few brands get ahead by using more advanced technology and their product really don’t give ozone gas!!

5.Patented Technology
Actually, there are few brands which are using their own patented technology like vita shield technology, plasma cluster technology or hivi technology among others to arrest even more complicated airborne elements like bacteria, virus, molds, and even improve the quality of air by adding different vitamins, minerals and ions in the air, to provide forest like fresh air.

Other Factors To Consider

1.CADR- Clean Air Delivery Rate
Clean air delivery rate is a measure of purified air being delivered, in form of meter cubic per hour, by operating air purifier at highest speed setting. It measures the both combination of airflow and particle removal efficiency, in which models are marked with CADR rating. The more is the CADR, simply more is the air purification performance for given room size.

2.Area Coverage
It need to measure your available space and allow to consider your space before you buy. As per consumer report, you should purchase a model with square footage capacity than you need, so that you can run the machine effectively on low(quieter) level and cover area all over of your room. For instance, if you are considering air purifier for bedroom, then you should consider model with low noise level that you can tolerate while sleeping. And In living spaces, you can consider model with high setting, so that you can’t be disturbed while you not in the room.

3. Indoor Air Quality Indicator
A smart and good air purifier should have light indicator, that can response to indoor air quality, so that you can adjust fan speed accordingly. A higher end purifier is usually equipped with an Auto mode function, which can adjust itself speed setting in response to indoor air quality automatically along with numerical PM2.5 display.

4.Filter Replacement
A filter needs to be changed usually after 12-18 months,and definitely it depends on frequency of usage which can determine the lifespan of air purifier. Many high end purifiers having indicator which indicates time to replace filter, or clean the dirt from inside. So , It can help you to reduce your post purchase cost and your product can perform efficiently for longer period. And there is also need to good customer support service like supporting installation services and after sale services, which really can build the trust between both product and consumer.

Air purifier is advanced technology based product and requires regular functioning over period, and longer warranty period coverage which usually comes with 1 to 2 years of warranty, is beneficial for any individual consumer. So, that you can experience smooth working of product over the years.

So, I have lined up few tops and best rated air purifiers model and brands for you on basis of testing, firsthand experience, research and consumer reports.

Must Buy Air Purifiers

1. Honeywell Air Touch i8

Honeywell Air Touch i8

Air Purifier Type -Room
Purification method
High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type with the highest class H14 HEPA filters
Coverage area
387 sq. ft. / 36 sq. mtrs., suitable for bedroom / living room (medium)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
300 m3/hr
Filtration system
Three stage advanced filtration system with combined patented HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes pollutants with more than 99 percent efficiency, with real-time PM2.5 meter by Honeywell
Combined filter with High-efficiency HEPA and activated carbon filter that removes any microscopic pollutant and allergens above 0.3 microns including PM2.5 and pollens and also removes formaldehyde, toxic gases, VOCs and odour
Weight– 6.2kg
Pre Filter
Easily Washable, high quality filter
Wash with water frequently for better performance
HEPA filter
Do It Yourself Filter No 2, no need of service engineer visits
Not washable, replace when alert blinks on touch panel
Power usage– 42 watt
Warranty- 1 year on product
Includes- Air purifier, Filters, Quick start guide and Warranty card
Cheapest Price to buy- INR 17,490
My rating- 4.5 out of 5
Best place to buy-

2. Sharp FP-F40E-T

Air Purifier Type– Room
Purification method
Passive HEPA system traps PM2.5 particles, smoke, house Dust and Pollen and the pre-filter traps heavy dust particles
Combines active and passive purification system much better than only filtration systems
Coverage Area– 320 sq ft
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)– 240 cu m/hr in its category

Sharp FP-F40E-T

Filtration system 

Active plasma cluster eliminates smell, toxic gases, VOC, pathogens (mould, virus, dust mites, fungi etc, Particles up to 0.01microns) from both air and surface

Extra thick True HEPA for advanced Purification

Weight– 4.7kg
The filter itself may produce some odour and needs to be exposed to bright sunlight for 3 to 4 hours at least once in 45 days. The HEPA filter life fully depends on the nature of indoor environment and duration of usage. HEPA filters should never be washed.
You can filters replaced if you feel, that even after cleaning, the air outflow has dropped by 50%-60% compared to the initial days of your new Air Purifier usage.
Power usage– 31 watt
Warranty- 1 year on site and 2 year on filter life
Includes- Air purifier, Filters, Quick start guide and Warranty card
Cheapest Price to buy- INR 20,299
My rating- 4.5 out of 5
Best place to buy-

3. Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20

Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20

Air Purifier Type– Room
Purification method
High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
Coverage Area
818 sq ft. / 76 sq mtrs, especially suitable for bedroom / living room (large)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
376 m3/hr
Filtration system
Real-time PM2.5 measurement and display with professional-grade air quality sensing technology
Dedicated Special Allergen mode, Ultra Silent sleep mode
Nano Protect S3 Activated Carbon and True HEPA filters, VitaShield IPS Technology
Weight– 9.82 kg
Filter replacement alert
Power usage– 60 watt
Warranty- 2 years on product
Includes- Air Purifier
Cheapest Price to buy- INR 19,999
My rating- 4 out of 5
Best place to buy-

Is it Really Worth to Buy Air Purifier?

As I’m staying in one of the most polluted places of world in terms of outdoor and indoor air pollution, national capital Delhi. And people here keep searching and struggling for how to breath fresh air on daily basis, whether outdoor and indoor places. I have invested in different air purifiers from different brands for years but I found these purifiers more stable, durable, high end efficient technology and less maintenance based products. And to keep moving in life, as working professional or even homemaker, It need to develop healthy and fitness approach towards lifestyle, and air purifier will be great investment for you and your family.

Whether you are in developing nation or developed nation, there is always greater risk of getting diagnosed with various respiratory diseases even with healthy people due to indoor air pollutants. So, Air purifiers that I mentioned above in my post would really best and important part of your daily lifestyle, in different spaces such as medical places, halls, gymnasium ,offices, factories, and most importantly homes or any other indoor places.
I personally use combination of different air purifiers from top brands that I mentioned above, to get firsthand experience of different technology serving same purposes, in living room, bedroom, kitchen and area around ventilation and washroom due to difference in size of rooms.

As all three top brands are well-equipped with high end technology and best customer service, I would like to recommend that you can choose anyone of them, in terms of size, style and appealing look.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about reviews for one of the best air purifiers available in the market, and found well informative and guided towards best buying decision for such advanced and beautiful technology from right place, and ready to change the way how to breath fresh air smartly. If you have any queries and comments regarding buying decision or reviews for air purifier, let me know them below in comments.


Aloe vera


Coughing, sneezing, honking, barking and different odors among few we experience almost every other day and that is the real picture of any fast developing nation, including developed one as well. And the real challenge comes when we fail to breathe fresh air even inside of our home, which may be due to many reasons(that I will discuss down the post).

Are You Really Breathing Oxygen?

As outdoor air pollution causing havoc all over the world, it becomes very complicate to get piece of fresh air at indoor places. Whether it is populated hall or gym full of carbon dioxide gas or congested apartment in India, we are struggling from indoor pollution in different ways. The concept of fresh air has been evolved from natural sources to air conditioner and air purifier in almost every nation on the planet.

The fresh air from natural sources like forest and trees getting extinct and human made technology replacing the clean air sources and playing important role in every one individual life in terms of both health and environmental factors.

Common Cause for Impure Air

For developing nations, it is one of the most common and serious concern to breathe polluted air even in indoor places like home, where people are bound to follow such poor lifestyle. There is need of an hour that to plan and implement sustainable actions on part of both government and citizens towards proper industrialization and urbanization, healthy and clean environment.

Consumer behavior has been evolved from communal behavior, intimate relationships to urban culture based distant bloodlines, unknown relations and competitive behavior, which ultimately changed the behavior towards taking wrong decisions and developing negative habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

How many people cause littering around their residency place surroundings?
Almost, It involves most of them.Why?
Because They don’t care about their responsibilities and leave such tasks over someone else.

So, that was small example or experience about pollution, most people experience every day their surroundings.
And these are such small lack of crucial actions, collectively lead towards causing pollution and affecting natural sources very badly.

Another Side of Urbanization

Common Urbanization

The big concept which has been acted as indicator of nation’s growth and development from decades, called urbanization has caused some serious contribution towards life of most of the individual. Due to huge population picture of developing nations, there is significant distribution in areas termed as rural and urban areas.

And more and more people are commuting to get better opportunities for jobs, education, housing and transportation.

For example, In India, due to increase in globalization, which has led farmers to lose their land, resulting in obligatory commuting to cities. And It ultimately results in developing and growth of slums, which add more towards congested and dense areas.

As per United Nations, ” It is predicted that by 2050 about 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanized. That is equivalent to approximately 3 billion urbanizes by 2050, much of which will occur in Africa and Asia.”

The gradual and steady formation of crowd and congested areas and societies in urban areas leading many problems like increasing slums, poor living standard and damage to environment surroundings. Even with India’s one of the fastest urban growth rate, It has significantly caused so many people crowding cities, forcing people to live in unsafe and illegal buildings. Common resources getting shortage like water lines, electricity which cause deteriorating living standards.

Primary Meaning of Indoor Clean Air

It refers to air quality within and around building and structures, which has directly related with individual or occupant staying or living there. And It can be altered by many types of gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, radon, organic compounds, particulates, microbial contaminants and others.

Common Scenario of Populated Place

As technology and industrialization has become more advanced, the process of removing heat from interior of an occupied space to improve the comfort of an individual has taken new face in form of ‘air conditioning’. And It has changed the way of living of an individual, which let him to cool rooms filled with carbon dioxide of occupants and heat producing electronic devices such as computers and other electronic gadgets and appliances.

First air conditioner and refrigeration employed toxic or flammable gases such as ammonia, propane that could result health hazards and fatal accidents. But modern refrigerants have been evolved to more environmentally safe and restricted the use of early chloro flurocarbons based air conditioning used in early twentieth century.

As per study done, air conditioning is common in the US, with around 90% of new single family. But In cities, where there is less vegetation, more congested areas most of the sun energy is absorbed by building, leading to higher surface temperatures. And vehicle, electronic appliances and running factories add even more heat, which results in 1 to 3 degree Celsius increase in temperature, more than outer landscapes.

Common Pollutants

Typical Pollution in National Capital

1. Second Hand Smoke

Second hand is type of smoke which affects people other than active smoker. It includes both gaseous and particulates, with particular hazards arising from carbon monoxide, which gets passed through lung’s natural defenses.


It is invisible radioactive atomic gas that cause from radioactive decay of radium, which may found in rock formations beneath buildings or in certain building materials. It is one of the most serious hazard for indoor air in United States and Europe, responsible for thousands of deaths from lung cancer each year.

3. Molds and other Allergens

It is always associated and growth is inhibited by keeping humidity levels below 50%. It can build up inside buildings results from building envelope over water penetrating areas, improper ventilation or ground moisture. And the mold growth directly related to indoor air quality, comes from allergenic properties of spores, which worsen the person’s respiratory diseases.

4.Carbon monoxide

It is one of the major indoor air contaminants, and is a byproduct of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels like biomass, tobacco smoke, defecting heating furnaces and automobile exhaust and others. And high level of monoxide results to nausea, unconsciousness and death.

5. Volatile Organic Compounds

These are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids, and wide amount of products include paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and many others. These widely used as ingredients in household products and can release organic compounds during usage, and some degree when they are stored. For example, chlorinated drinking water releases chloroform when get hot, and overheated cooking oils emit acrolein and formaldehyde.

6.Carbon dioxide

It is one of the major pollutants and green house gas for indoor space, emitted by humans and directly related to human activities. Carbon dioxide during indoor at high level may cause drowsy, headaches, and lower activity levels. Humans itself are main indoor source of carbon dioxide in buildings and it’s concentrations increases as result of human occupancy and lag in cumulative occupancy and intake of fresh air. Outdoor CO2 levels are usually 350-450 ppm whereas the maximum indoor CO2 level considered acceptable is 1000 ppm.


Ozone is produced by ultraviolet light from the Sun hitting the Earth’s atmosphere, some electric devices such as air ionizers and as a by product of other types of pollution. Outdoor air has sufficient ozone to get react with common indoor pollutants and other common indoor chemicals, which is itself irritating to lung tissue and cause respiratory diseases.

Responsibilities On Our Part

There are few simple and most effective actions we can perform on our part to clean the air at home and surroundings which will collectively results in clean and healthy environment.

1. Developing Daily Responsibility

It is most important thing we can do on our part and it is only which is directly associated with other steps and actions and will be responsible for surrounding environment. For example, instead of littering around, we can collect waste materials in one place and dump to right place, using and promoting clean energy like LPG, energy conserving appliances, planting herbs and plants surroundings and many others.

One of The Best Plant to Keep out Indoor Pollution

2. Grow Indoor plants

Indoor plants together with the medium in which they are grown can reduce components of indoor air pollution, particularly volatile organic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and xylene. It can remove CO2 and release oxygen and water but It depends upon the size of plant related to indoor space. Air leakage in most homes, and in other indoor spaces, will generally remove the chemicals faster than the researchers reported for the plants tested by NASA. The most effective indoor plants reportedly included aloe vera, English ivy, and Boston fern for removing chemicals and biological compounds.

3. Using HVAC Design

It involves environmental sustainable design related to commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry. Among several considerations, one of the important criteria should be to improve indoor air quality throughout the design and construction stages of a building’s life.

One way of quantitatively ensuring the health of indoor air is by the frequency of effective turnover of interior air by replacement with outside air. And It can effectively done by getting help of technology towards clean energy towards better and clean environment without compromising health of an individual.

So, It is where technology comes and escapes you, and ultimately provide you clean air in the home through various means or appliances such as air purifiers from some of the best brands. It not only can trap many harmful indoor pollutants but also destroys microbes like bacteria, and other allergens, comes with energy conserving and environmental friendly technology, and provide you clean and fresh air in the home.

Read here your best guide to buying air purifiers.




Modern lifestyle

That is the question I was wondering when I was running outside in the morning through blanket of smog all around my side and with nearly no visibility. Actually, we are responsible for all this situation, not you and I, but We. And How?

Someone of us exploited the resources beyond requirement and someone of us engaged in polluting practices.

Economics Can Give You Clear Picture

Consumption At Next Level

The modern world has been turned into big market place, where there is major role of two kinds of people, that is seller and buyer because the other meaning of life became to support it through production and consumption beyond need and wants.

Most People can’t afford to use their mental strength to take right decision for lifestyle. Human body has been victimized of tons of product and services, due to poor rationale formation in mind.

The industrialized and technology phase of the era on peak, which has provided numerous options and customized solutions for almost everyone on the earth.

And, it ultimately lead towards exploitation of natural resources by human being and inching towards non sustainable life which has full potential to impact coming generations.

And the main culprit which is contributing devastating havoc in our life is- Pollution

It is actually related to simple and common behavior of people which has full contribution towards the main culprit.

Rectifying Consumer Behavior

Purchasing Decision should be Rational

I want to give you a little example-

How many of us use moderate or low light on screen of the electronic gadget?
Almost very few of us, right?

But why? Why this kind of behavior among us?

Because there is tendency of bad behavior among people which is called possession and everyone who owns something, want to have best of utilities as much they can, even beyond moderate and required level.

And for sure, it will lead towards wrong buying decision and exploitation of resources.

For Instance, there could not be growth of major and electronic giant companies like that, if we could prevent us from getting lured and fancy about new gadget which released every other month!!!

We can conclude that, there is always our behavior which is contributing towards pollution and depriving ourselves from conserving energy.

The decision of one individual definitely can transform the outlook of industry pattern of country, which will be one and only most effective way to curbing pollution.

Glimpse of Indian nation

Usual Indian Marketplace

I belong to one of the fastest developing nation India, which has really most concerning stats about air pollution, and where-

You will find more and more brick and mortar business running around including factories and waste disposers .

You will find more and more youth engaging towards employment and other economic activities.

You will find more and more change and increase in diverse consumption pattern of people.

and so on

It is always been serious issue here having major sources of pollution like biomasss burning, motor vehicle emission, fuel adulteration, traffic congestion and green house gas emissions and others.

The World Health Organization estimated in 2014 that every year air pollution causes the premature death of around 7 million people worldwide.

India has the highest death rate due to air pollution.

India also has more deaths from asthma than any other nation according to the World Health Organization.

But last decade of economic development and regulatory reforms, India has made progress towards improving air quality. But it is really long way to go towards achieving one of the least polluted areas on earth.

Outdoor pollution gives big picture of nation, and one of the most important yardstick to measure the growth and development of nation.

And solution, is only mutual efforts on both part nation and people. Until and unless there is change in our mindset from only consumption to contribution, there is impossible to change the outlook of nation, involving the most concerned problem “pollution”. There is need to educate your mind that, there is behavior beyond “possession and consumption” and that is “moderation and contribution”.

There is no need to levy taxes, there is no need to count carbon footprints and there is no need to regulate different laws and regulations other than necessary one.

Because the more moderate and conserve our behavior, the more we will be able to contribute towards reduction in pollution including air pollution.

Major Causes of Air Pollution

There are major activities, locations or factors which are responsible towards air pollutants in atmosphere. But there are two major categories of sources-

One of the major polluting practices

1.Human activities

Air pollutant sources such as fossil fuel power plant, manfacturing facilities, factories, waste recyclers and other type of fuel burning devices. Especially, there is plenty of usage of traditional biomass in developing and poor countries, which act as major source of air pollutants.

Moving sources such as motor vehicles, marine vessels and aircrafts.

Various practices in agriculture and forest management like controlled burn practices. It is sometimes used in forest management, farming and praries restoration or green house abatement.
There is recent example of controlled burning practice from October, 2017 in Punjab and haryana area of Indian nation, where farmers mainly set their paddy fields on fire after harvesting. It is not act of violation but merely low cost straw disposal practice that also reduce the turnaround time between harvesting paddy and sowing next wheat crop.

The resultant smoke, however get carried by winds all the way to Delhi and other regions, adding to existing suspended particulate matter that has worsen health effects and caused smogy blanket all over the capital more than week.

This recent instance, really shown that there is really need to provide support to farmers through introduction of modern technology for improved and effective agricultural practices by government, which is directly connected to environment of nation.

Fumes from paint, spray, aerosol and solvents.

Methane generation through landfills and which may cause displace oxygen in enclosed space.

Military resources, such as nuclear warfare, cold war and others.

2.Natural sources

Dust or soil erosion, over large areas of land or open place.

Methane emitted by digestion of food by animals.

Radon gas from radio active decay within Earth’s crust.

Smoke and Co2 from wildfires

Volcanic eruption, which produce sulphur, chlorine and ash particulates.

Major Health Effects

Major target area of Pollutants

Air pollution is one of the top risk factor for major health related conditions and diseases including, respiratory diseases and infections, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and lung cancer.

The most conditions caused by air pollution may include difficulty in breathing, coughing, weezing, asthma and worse the existing respiratory and cardiac conditions.


Urban outdoor air pollution is estimated to cause 1.3 million deaths worldwide per year. Children are particularly at risk due to the immaturity of their respiratory organ systems. India has highest death rate due to air pollution. Air pollution was estimated to kill around 500,000 people each year in China. It also caused premature death in European nations estimated to 430,000. An important cause of these deaths include asthma, lung cancer, strokes, lung infections.

Cardiovascular diseases

A study has been shown regular air pollution exposure is a risk factor correlating with increased total mortality from cardiovascular events. It also emerging as risk factor for stroke, mostly in developing countries.

Lung diseases

Research has been shown that there is increased risk of developing asthma from increase exposure to traffic related to air pollution. Recent studies shown that Air pollution exposure also cause lung cancer in non smokers.It is also believed that by living in a more urban environment serious health hazards become more frequently. Studies have shown that in urban areas patients suffer mucus hypersecretion, lower levels of lung function, and more self-diagnosis of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.


Recently It is reviewed that long term exposure to PM2.5(fine particulates) increase the overall risk of non accidental mortality and it is also associated with increased risk of mortality from lung cancer. It has also been found evidence that exposure to PM2.5 is positively associated with mortality from coronary heart diseases and exposure to SO2 increases mortality from lung cancer.

In december 2015, medical scientists reported that cancer is majorly a result of environmental factors, and not largely down to bad luck.

Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, eliminating alcohol and smoking reduces the risk of developing the disease, according to the researchers.

Let’s Reduce Air Pollution

Green and clean energy will be next big thing

As you all familiar, that it is big issue which enveloped the whole world and targeting everyone individual who getting exposed to air pollutants, and cause directly major health effects and poor lifestyle. And It is definitely possible to stop it, when we will take collective actions, not only you and I but we, which is most powerful and effective. And there are simple yet smart practices you can adapt in your lifestyle, which will significantly contribute towards cleaner and healthy environment.

Conserve energy

It can be done simply by following the practice of moderation, using resources as per requirement level by reducing wastages and losses through combination of reducing amount of usage and using technology efficient based resources like switch off the refrigerator when there is no use, avoid over usage of gadgets and so on.

Engaged into public transport system

As we know that, motor vehicles emission is one of the major cause for deteriorating air quality and there will be always increase in vehicles on the road, so ultimate solution towards curbing pollution is using public transport on frequent basis rather than only personal conveyance. It will be definitely helpful in reducing the dangerous pollutants from atmosphere.

Adapt green and clean lifestyle

Actually, it attempts to reduce carbon footprints by involving different methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet. Practitioners aim to conduct their lives regular with sustainability, and natural balance and relationship with earth’s natural ecology like using sustainable building materials, using renewable energy, using organic products, reducing meat consumption and so on.

We can see that supporting and adapting simple, smart and natural lifestyle is best way to reduce air pollution from environment and make it more sustainable for coming future generations. And when we will take actions collectively, then definitely we will able to improve our present and save our future. I hope you found my post well informative and enjoyed reading about it.

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Let me know if you have any queries or comments about same, below in comments.

First off congratulations and I appreciate that, you are enough health and fitness conscious in such busy and overwhelming world and going to make the best decision in your lifestyle ever and the review I will walk you through will be best guide for you to get to know the real experiences associated with such impressive wearable technology and where is the best place to buy it.

A day with fitbit charge 2

Plan night properly to make the best out of your next day

I just woke up in the morning by quit alarm of my fitbit charge 2 but when I opened my eyes, was still wondering about my sleep cycle and quality of sleep whole night.


Because I want to know,
How many hours exactly I slept?
What was the quality of my sleep?
How to improve my current sleep schedule?
so here, fitbit charge 2 will assist you in solving everyday mystery

Features that will make your sleep best

1. Auto sleep tracking and Alarms
Wear your fitbit fitness tracker to automatically record your sleep and review your sleep duration. And set alarm through fitbit app and wake up peacefully in the morning.

Track your sleep with fitbit charge 2

2.Check how well you slept
The body cycles through different stages of sleep like light sleep, deep sleep and REM(when you are coming out of deep sleep). It can measure your time spent in each sleep and awake stages, by using pure pulse heart rate and sensitive motion detectors. So, that you can understand your sleep stages and sleep quality and learn how to improve your sleep.

3. Set personalized schedule for sleep
Fitbit app help you to keep up with consistent bed time and wake up time leads to better sleep quality by recommending personalized sleep schedule as per your fitness goal.

4. Get Insight of your sleep
It can help you learn more about your sleep stats and compare to same category of people of those same age and gender. And, will be getting regularly tips for improving quality of sleep routine.

Adding some momentum to kick out day with productivity

Now I’m up from bed and got fresh, had my pre-workout fuel like bananas and black coffee and head straight towards gym for weight training( and most of us fitness conscious we do have same kind of routine). I started my training session by cardio training including exercise like running over treadmill. Then warmed up my specific body part chest and back by low weight, so that I can start my main session by heavyweight training with intensity.

As I’m hitting the weight at best possible intensity, I’m wondering

How many calories I burnt?
What is my cardio fitness level?
How much time I need to spend to build muscles, and avoid overtraining?
How to improve my cardio fitness level?

Features that will make your gym session mind blowing

Smart Track- Auto exercise Recognition

1. Multiple sport modes
Your can track important and specific exercises like cardio training, weight training or yoga session to see your workout stats on display.

2.GPS technology
Connect your fitness tracker to Phone GPS to see real time activity stats like pace and intensity of workout.

3.Smart Track
Got stuck during workout routine? Don’t worry, this fitness tracker will recognizes your exercises automatically.

Track your fitness level

Pure Pulse Heart rate- technology

1. Track your ultimate fitness goals
Whether you are losing, gaining or maintaining weight or building muscles, you would need to track your calories deficit and calories burn and you will get to know measure of total calories burned by Measuring Heart Rate.

2. Customize your workout
You can customize your workout by finding spot for pace and intensity and avoid overtraining by tracking heart rate.

3. Improve your fitness level
Get better understanding of your fitness level by getting insights of your workout data and by compare your fitness data with people of same age and gender through sync with fitbit app

Getting ready to roll over the day

After my workout, I reached home and had shower, had my protein based breakfast, then got dressed up and left the home for my job which involves roughly traveling around 25 miles till destination through walking, local train and local cab. I reached office in hurry with couple of thinking over my head regarding workplace but fitbit tracker guided me to calm through guided breathing sessions. So, I relaxed myself and reached the company premises.

I started my working hours from afternoon, got settle over my desk and get into working stuff over computer. But I still want to track my all day activity in terms of distance covered, calories burned and active duration. So, there is lot of activity involve throughout the day and fitbit tracker there to track your all day activity.

Track your all day activity

So that, I would have a better idea about time spent and how much more activity need to perform to reach my everyday fitness goal with reminders to move feature of fitbit charge 2.

More than half of my day has been spent over my desk, then I was feeling hungry and rushed towards my afternoon meal.(Fitbit still working and showing how much distance and steps I’m covering), and returned to my desk after meal.

I was feeling bit tired and stressed as day coming to an end but suddenly my fitbit charge 2 guided me towards breathing session based on my heart rate. I really felt relaxed after guided breathing sessions, and got ready to finish my assigned tasks, so that I can complete my full 8 hours and head towards home.

Features that will help you to keep up your fitness along with your active work

1. All day activity tracking
Fitbit tracker will help you to keep updated with all day activity metrics in almost every form.

2. Guided breathing sessions
Breathing is actually most common and easy activity you can do but proper, deep and slow inhaling and exhaling can boost your mental health beyond your imagination like it has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure. This amazing feature will help you to stay fit mentally all over the day in every stage of activity.

3. Smart and multitasking
You can check call, text and calendar alerts on your wrist to keep your focus over important activities related to phone. And it is equally immersed with stylish accessories, sport bands and leather bands, so that you can transform your charge 2 from all day to night.

Let’s end the day with happy and satisfying note

Fitbit tracker will notify you when to relax

I reached my home through company’s cab after an hour of traveling and was feeling to get some rest and spending quality time with my family. And had my dinner with family(Fitbit charge 2, even can notify you during your eating time over the day).Then I was trying to get into some writing stuff related to health and fitness for around half an hour, as I enjoy writing and like to help people like you who really enjoy and live health and fitness in their everyday life.

I was on flow of writing with new ideas, then fitbit charge 2 notified about my sleeping time. I stopped my writing stuff immediately and get into bed as soon possible , so that I can complete my optimal and quality hours of sleep.

And, will be able to start my next day with new level of energy!!!

Is Fitbit charge 2 worth or not?

It’s been more than couple of months that I’m using fitbit charge 2 and happily using it with my lifestyle. It is ultimate must have modern wearable technology which has full potential to offer significant role in your every part of life.

From morning till end of the day, fitbit charge 2 would be best friend for you, which not only will track your activity and fitness but also motivate and triggers you to take required actions. And, you will be able to develop long term healthy eating approach along with proper and smart workout sessions every day!!

Conclusive part – The best fitness/activity tracker

Fitbit charge 2

Everyone is busy in his/her life today, whether it is student, homemaker, self-employed or working professional individual and can’t afford to spare quality time for their health and fitness, which leads to pile up of unwanted fat or unhealthy body along numerous cardiovascular diseases.

So, need of the hour is to get accompanied by something which really can guide and motivate you towards fitter lifestyle.

And I believe there is nothing better than fitbit charge 2 to buy and to incorporate in your life as soon as possible because it is fitness, and it is sooner the better.

You will find many other brands offering activity/fitness tracker with different features but I will recommend you to go for this one because fitbit is expertise and leader in wearable technology and will offer you new and advanced up to date technology with such impressive wearable technology experience without burning your pocket and full value of money.

I’m gonna summarize its specifications, so that you can glance through it and make purchase decision from right place.

What’s Included
Fitbit charge 2
Classic wristband
Charging cable

Touch screen
Large OLED Screen

Battery and Power
Battery type -Lithium-polymer
Charge time -One to two hours
Radio transceiver- Bluetooth 4.0

Fitbit care
Fitbit charge 2 is sweat, rain and splash proof but is not swim proof.
(If you are considering fitbit tracker for swimming, then you can consider fitbit flex 2)
It’s recommended you to take off before showering.
If fitbit charge 2 gets wet or sweat in it, remove and completely dry the band before putting back.
Regularly clean your wrist and band

Syncing requires bluetooth LE and internet connection
Windows 10 computers that do not have Bluetooth LE will need a wireless sync dongle in order to sync.
Syncs with Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. And later, Android 4.4 and later, and Windows 10 devices.

Guarantee- 1 full year of warranty

My rating- 9.5 out of 10

Price- $129.95

Best and Cheapest place to

I hope you enjoyed reading my review for one of the best wearable technology fitbit charge 2, which I explained directly associated with my life and provided you honest reviews. If you have any questions and comments, please leave them below in comments.

Happy Tracking!!

Its good idea that you have set your goals and got enough knowledge about your body and planned to achieve in stipulated time frame and started your fitness journey from day first and excited to measure your performance and results.

But then, what ?

It’s where your real journey starts and technology would be your best friend and support you in every step.

Your Weight Loss Journey

Fitness Goal- I want to lose minimum 2 pounds of body weight or body fat in a week

Fitness Plan- Weight management

Daily schedule- Developing daily habit of healthy eating and doing smart workouts


Measure Your Daily Activity

How many calories are you consuming?
How many calories are you burning?
How much water I need to drink?
How much I need to sleep?

You need to answer all these questions and take appropriate actions to keep momentum towards weight loss journey.

So, How would you know it or who will tell you ?

where is the technology comes and saves you from all these stuck and become your all new fitness partner to help you in measure results through daily activities.

Revolution In Technology

Old Days Technology

I remember that I used to play games on traditional and old based desktop when I was kid and It was like size of chest(box) and never imagined technology can speed up so fast, that it can turn into size of finger tip and become so important part of our life and make life easy and convenient.

From starting of the day till the end of day, almost everyone immersed with electronic gadgets in every part of life now days and there is technology which has been grown and become inevitable part of electronics among people called wearable technology through wearable devices.

These are smart electronic devices with micro controllers that can be worn on body as implants or accessories.

The development of wearable attempted to enhance the functionality of devices which able to provide, recording of an activity through portable technologies.

Fitness At Next Level

Our eating habit has been changed, our working habit has been changed.

In this consumption oriented world, we developed and realized the awareness about health and fitness in our life and developed healthy eating habits along with smart workout plans. But It is really challenging implementing and controlling formulated plan along with our busy life schedule.

Wearable Technology

So, wearable technologies really has been transformed our lives and daily routine and become integral part of every activity by tracking information like movements, steps and heart rate as part of quantified self movement.

You know how many calories you have to consume and from which type of food sources. But you don’t know much exact calories you had and how much more or fewer calories you need to keep on track of your fitness goal.

You know how much distance you completed and how much more need to covered to complete your strength training or body fat in check?

So, to make it all these tasks easy and feasible and keep yourself on track towards fitness goals, you have to add such smart technology in your daily lifestyle, so that you can assure you are on right track and really inching towards your most sought after fitness goals.

Actually, technology became smart enough to measure your activity and provide you better insight of your completed activities and triggers to take more and better actions towards your fitness goals.

Fitness Tracker- A new way to reach your fitness goals

Your Best Fitness Partner

Fitness tracker also known as activity tracker, is a device for monitoring and tracking fitness related metrics such as distance walked or run, heartbeat, calorie consumption and quality of sleep. Actually, it includes wearable sensors which have been widely used in medical science, sports and security. It can detect abnormal movements and monitor parameter through these trackers. This technology really transformed the fitness lifestyle of people by allowing them to monitor their real time fitness parameter.

And there are many companies and brands who have released their own kind of wearable devices and primarily focused on activity tracking. In recent years, companies like Fitbit released its wearables around 2009. And other major electronic companies like samsung and apple began to release smartwatches like samsung galaxy gear and apple watch in April 2015.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about wearable technology and got good glimpse about fitness tracker. If you are fitness lover or have active lifestyle, who really want to track activity or fitness goals on daily basis and want to get to know where you really stand along with other folks. Then, I would like you to read my post about review for one of the best fitness tracker available in the market.

Read here to know about it.

Everyone obese or overweight under the sun want to get slim as soon as possible ranging from men to women, young or old. But mostly everyone has the biggest misconception that they can achieve as fast as possible which is not really realistic. Actually there is no magic pill, no any super food or any exercise alone can burn your belly fat fast.


Because Burning belly fat is long term process/approach which involves developing right approach towards healthy eating and exercises lifestyle though different phases of weight management, weight loss and get in shape plans. Through each phase of burning belly fat and lean belly breakthrough, you will experience gradual and steadily loss of fat percentage from abdomen area.


Actually people have many misconceptions about fat loss, which leads them to end up doing big mistakes such as

1. They keep on piling calories on misconception that they will be burning any extra calories on later stages- But they end up failed to take actions.

2.Consumption of any super foods or protein based diet will eventually drop their weight- But that is far from being real until and unless it is combined with other changes in lifestyle.

3.Searching for instant solutions, like any weight loss pill or therapy- It is also far from real results and you are not sure about its consequences or side effects to your body.

4.Any exercise or workout will be burning fat from specific body area- Actually It is really very tough to burn calories many times as comparison to consume calories on ease.

5.Setting unrealistic goals- Most of the people get overwhelmed regarding fitness goals, and end up set big goals and get disappoint as in earlier stage.

Discipline Is The Key


Why am I trying to explain this term here? Not to explain you literally but to make you understand its critical role in fitness goals.

So, I want everyone of you to question yourself- Why am I really want to achieve fitness goals? as fast as possible


Time is running out

Life is moving at fast pace

I don’t have much time

Other people getting ahead of me

I will be saving time and money

I want to become model or superstar in single night

Actually none of the reason is realistic nor it will be happening ever!!

And It happens when we consider specific goal like a really GOAL not goal for life. If you really want to burn belly fat fast as possible, then only way is to take actions steadily as possible on daily basis.

Discover Your Body


Actually you need to know your body at first place and no one knows better than you. Right?

If you will be able to know your body, then only it would be best time phase to get into some real and solid actions which will pay you off for whole life.

An excessive abdominal fat around the stomach and abdomen has formed to the extent which is likely to have negative impact on health, is called Belly fat.

And It is strongly related to cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer disease, vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes & so on.

Visceral fat & subcutaneous fat are two major types of fat deposited inside human body.

1.Visceral fat

It is also known as organ fat located inside packed in between internal organs and torso. It is composed of several adipose depots and an excess of this fat ultimately leads to potbelly or beer belly, in which abdomen get enlarged excessively. And It is associated with higher risk of heart diseases, hypertension, osteoarthritis

2.Subcutaneous fat

It is found underneath skin and intramuscular fat, that is located in skeletal muscle and not necessarily hazardous to your health. It acts as passage for the nerves and blood vessels from dermis to muscles and helps to protect bones and muscles from damage.

Now, you should be familiar that not every type of fat can be hazardous to health and not every normal looking body got rid of internal organ fat.


1. Net energy Imbalance- People consume more calories from various sources like junk foods, meat consumption etc than it expends waste or disposal.

2.Fructose over consumption- Some research indicates, inter organ fat together with insulin sensitivity related to consumption of fructose.

3.Prescription Drugs Side effects

4.Other environmental factors- Maternal smoking, genetically inherited and so on

Measure Your BMI and Waist


There are two major methods to measure your abdominal fat-

1. Body Mass Index (BMI)

It is value derived from mass(weight) and height of human being. It is defined a body mass divided by square of the body weight and expressed in units of kg/m2 globally. The purpose of BMI is to measure the amount of tissue mass(muscle, fat and bone) in an individual and classify the person normal, overweight and obese based on derived value.

Commonly used BMI ranges are underweight- under 18.5kg/m2, normal weight- 18.5 to 25, overweight- 25 to 30 and obese- 30 or more

So, It’s ultimately numeric measure of person’s thickness and thinness, allowing any individual to find out their weight issues.

2.Waist Circumference

It is very good indicator of abdominal fat or visceral fat, which poses more health risks than fat elsewhere.

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, waist circumference in excess of 102 centimeters (40 in) for men and 88 centimeters (35 in) for (non-pregnant) women, is considered to imply a high risk for type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension.

It can be obtained by waist circumference divided by height. The values indicating increased risk are: greater than 0.5 for people under 40 year of age, 0.5 to 0.6 for people aged 40–50, and greater than 0.6 for people over 50 years of age.

Ultimate Solution


Nowadays, I hope you have heard this fitness term very often, but it is actually big and long term concept having most important role in our life.

It involves long term lifestyle plans and strategies towards healthy eating and physical activity on daily basis. It is only achieved through slow and steady weight loss, followed by retention of an ideal body weight as per age, sex and height.

So, you would need to incorporate really good changes in your daily eating and exercise lifestyle.

You can learn more here- A new breakthrough to burn belly fat fast

There is misconception that exercises alone, most effectively burns fat at desired location or body part such as belly fat but that is not case.

Actually, exercise is beneficial for building specific muscle but alone it has little effect on fat deposited area of the body. And same concept applies to specific exercises like crunches or sit ups and belly fat. Instead, these exercises are useful in building abdominal muscles rather than any major effect on fat located in belly.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading my post and found well informative and motivated as well, so that you will be able to take right actions from right now itself.

I have request that, never please loss your patience and discipline in your burn belly fat fast journey, because slowly and steady you will be getting real results, if you will be incorporating all the lifestyle fixes I have mentioned in my post. And that the way you will be getting fit for your whole life.

If you have any queries, comments related to topic, please let me know below.

With Best Wishes